Are CBD Lattes the Future?

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Are CBD Lattes the Future?

By Mimi Minsky

We’re a Coffee-conscious Nation

Americans are not giving up their coffee, and with CBD on the rise, you may be ordering a ‘CBD-Americano’ before you know it. At Incann, we’re supporting this trend and here’s why:

Americans are estimated to consume 400 million cups of coffee per day. So, it’s likely that on an average day, a coffee drinker will finish between 1-3 cups of coffee. In today’s world, we’re all about fancy coffee, specialty drinks, the exotic beans that taste better from a local cafe rather than at a commercialized coffee shop, and we are more curious about trying new health-related products than ever before. It’s only fitting that CBD would complement our favorite morning drink.

CBD Coffee


CBD-infused Drinks Are Already on The Menu
Hip eateries and bars are now offering CBD-infused drinks.  In New Haven, CT, our hometown, local independent cafes are now offering CBD infused drinks with our very own Water Soluble CBD Concentrate.  With the U.S. picking up on this growing trend, it’s possible CBD lattes will soon be as common as the average soy chai.

When CBD and Coffee Interact

Coffee is like a religion for people who need their daily dose, but coffee is more than just a quick caffeine pick-me-up, as it provides health benefits. Yet, people often worry about the negative side effects of coffee, such as high levels of caffeine that can increase one’s heart rate or cause painful heartburn. CBD and its noted calming effects have been suggested to counteract these negative side effects, thereby producing the greatest and most peaceful cup of Joe we’ve always dreamed of. That CBD Americano doesn’t sound too far off.

Incann Outlook

At Incann, we’ve seen customers create their own CBD-infused beverages, from green juice to good old java, and we are in favor.  As always, our mission is to help others ‘Live with Intention’ and to be a source of wellness and positive change. We are creators creatively seeking ways to improve lives. However we can - with or without the coffee.


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