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We are so fortunate for the bonds created when having a pet; my dogs practically have a seat at the dinner table. They are an extension of our family who supports us mentally just as much as we’ll support them physically. Oh, and did I mention that dogs, along with most mammals, have an endocannabinoid system?

Dog owners, let me know if this sounds familiar: When you’re home with your dog they may just be the best dog in the world. They may occasionally knock over the garbage can or chewed up a shoe, which they’re VERY sorry about. But for the most part they’re fairly tamed. Unless of course a squirrel (A.K.A Public Enemy #1) is in the yard.


Here’s a little breakdown on my pup, Bailey.

Bailey is about 2 years old and honestly, we don’t know what kind of dog she is. We joke around and say that she’s part fox. She’s a rescue, (but who rescued who?) who has brought such excitement and joy into our home. With sometimes bringing more “excitement” than joy.

It’s near impossible to eliminate that “puppy energy,” but CBD has definitely helped Bailey; especially when we aren’t home. Bailey has some real separation anxiety. When we leave she’ll cry, howl, scratch, chew, even make a mess on the floor. Yeah, we can throw her in a cage, but what if she keeps scratching and biting at the metal and ends up hurting herself? We can’t have that. Once I started regularly giving her a drop of CBD oil, we saw the difference. At first it was a little tricky to give her a tincture, but eventually, we got it down to a science. She thinks it’s a treat now! By no means does she become any more dopey than she already is. This is completely different than giving your dog THC which is flat out cruel. With CBD there are absolutely no psychoactive effects you need to worry about. Please consider trying CBD oil on your anxious pup before getting them some form of “puppy Xanax” from the vet.


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