How to Boost Your Wellness at Work

How to Boost Your Wellness at Work

Even though the traditional 9 to 5 workdays are starting to disappear, we continue to spend a large amount of time at work. For better or worse, modern technology allows the lines between work and life to blur. Unfortunately, this can make it harder to carve out time for wellness. Our modern work environment, with long periods of sitting down, quick and easy access to snacks, and computer screen eye strain, isn’t exactly conducive to you living your best life. Where does wellness fit into the day?

Our ultimate professional goal is to perform our jobs in the best way possible. But the truth is, this is only achievable if we take a proactive approach to take care of our mind and body. So, what can we do to create an environment of wellness at work?

Here are six tips you can use right away to help maintain a healthy lifestyle at work, thrive in your career, and live your best life!

Mind What You Eat

It’s always tempting to reach for a sweet snack when you’re low on energy or under stress. But this can harm your body and mind. Sugar can give you a fast rush of energy, but just as quickly lead to a crash which reduces your cognitive function – making you feel even more tired. Yikes!

Consider bringing along a healthy lunch and snacks. Not only will you save a ton of money by avoiding the vending machines and eating out, but you’ll be more likely to make wise choices that keep your body fueled and feeling great!

Optimize Your Desk

Sitting at your desk for eight hours a day isn’t the best way to maintain optimal health. Eyestrain, neck, and back tension can make it difficult to focus or feel your best. Try taking a self-evaluation to target some necessary changes to your workspace. Let your manager know if you need some upgrades to a more ergonomic setup.

You might consider getting a standing desk. They can have a positive effect on your health and productivity in a ton of ways. Standing can keep your mental focus sharper, and allow for better blood flow through your whole body, as well as better posture.

It’s also helpful to take some time to keep your desk organized. A tidy desk can equal a tidy mind and make you feel more productive and at ease. An organized space makes it easier to stay focused and feel better about your environment and yourself.

Break up the Routine    

While it might seem counterintuitive that taking breaks is good for productivity, it turns out that the self-sacrificing habits of constant work can be detrimental to your wellbeing and efficiency. Exhaustion isn’t the recipe for success. To be effective and healthy, take frequent breaks throughout the day.

If you find it difficult to get away, try setting a timer and take at least a five-minute break every hour. Grab a healthy snack or a drink, or pop outside for a few minutes for some fresh air and sunshine. Even a few minutes can be enough to give your mind a well-deserved rest and help you feel refreshed.

It’s also important to take an actual lunch break, rather than scarfing snacks at your desk. It’s hard to break this cycle when you are busy, but make an effort to ditch your desk at lunchtime, even just for a short walk. It can boost circulation, flex your joints, and allow for reflection and mental recharge.

Increase Your Footsteps

Sometimes it’s just hard to get in a workout, especially when you work long hours. Try sneaking in some calorie-burning during your day! Get creative about movement. Maybe you have a favorite coffee shop within walking distance? If so, skip the drive and let your feet take you there instead. You can also do simple things like walking down the hall to speak to a coworker instead of emailing or phone calls to get in more steps. If you are the adventurous type, consider walking or biking to work in the morning.

Stay Hydrated

Sometimes feelings like stress, hunger, or tiredness can be caused by dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water at the office to prevent cravings, headaches, and fatigue. Staying hydrated also gives you an energy boost to help you stay focused and fresh throughout the day.

Are you feeling the afternoon slump? Reach for a drink of water before dowing that third cup of coffee. You’ll be surprised at the difference a simple glass of water can make.

At Incann, we believe that living mindfully is the key to wellness. Honor the mind, body, and productivity connection by implementing some of these simple tips into your workday. They can help you take control of your health in a way that helps productivity flourish. And maybe even help you get more fulfillment out of your career!

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