Lauren Seib


By: Sarah Paris

Lauren Sieb | Personal Fitness Instructor 

SP: Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get started in your business/passion?

LS: Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a personal trainer and group fitness instructor all over Fairfield and Westchester counties. I started my career in publishing, working for a nationally circulated fitness magazine and 6 years ago made the shift into “sweating for a living” full-time. For as long as I can remember, I defined myself as an athlete. I have always craved movement and competition so it’s funny to me that I fought my destiny a bit.

I was always a great writer so going into a career I had long idolized as a journalist was what I thought would be a dream come true but it ended up not making my heart sing as much as I had expected. During those two years, I also experienced burnout, was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and knew I needed to get myself both healthy and happy ASAP. 

So I dove in headfirst to working out, eating well and inspiring others to do the very same. I haven’t looked back since and can honestly say I cannot wait to get out of bed each and every morning to work with the strongest humans—inside and out—I know. 

SP:  What is one practice you do daily that you feel has impacted your life for the positive?

LS: I wake up early! For me, it’s a time to start my day off right...with the right mindset. Even if my first client is at 5:30a, I’m up 90 minutes before to ensure I’m putting my best foot forward for them. I’m a big believer that those I work with feed off my energy, which is what has brought me success. So in order to bring my best to them and in turn expect their best, I have to have an energetic, positive head on my shoulders.  

SP: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to start implementing a fitness routine?

LS: Start slow and small—digestible goals are best—and know that it’s a journey! Be kind, patient and respect that you have to walk before you run! Also: Try something new that excites or heck, may even scare you! 

SP:  What does self-love mean to you?

LS: To me, self-love means bringing awareness, acknowledging and taking action on things that bring you happiness, wellness and everything in between. It’s essential you “fill your cup” up with what brings you joy, makes you feel good and supports a life you want to live! Our daily lives—work, family, health, social obligations—can be stressful! The result? Y-O-U get put on the back burner! Give YOURSELF permission and time to nourish, decompress, laugh, love, etc. It doesn’t have to be a spendy spa day or an indulgent meal. It can be as simple as a nice walk with your pooch. Maybe snuggling up on the couch with a book you’ve been wanting to read sounds more up your alley. Give yourself that love because gosh darn it, you deserve it! Self-love means opening your eyes to what may be depleting/fulfilling you, truly acknowledging “it” and how it may be making you feel, then making a change to make an improvement on your mental and physical health. 

SP: Lauren, Thank you for sharing with us your journey and positivity!

Learn more about Lauren and her services at and follow her on instagram @laurcardarelliseib

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