MCT, CBD, & The Entourage Effect

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According to Leafly, a highly renowned online cannabis encyclopedia, they have helped explain key knowledge that surrounds cannabinoids. With such mainstream attention, realize that CBD and THC are only 2 cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. There are many more that provide their own set of unique effects and benefits. Some other known cannabinoids worth noting include CBGA, THCA, and CBCA. It’s this combination of cannabinoids working together that creates what is called, The Entourage Effect. This effect is why Incann™ uses Full Spectrum CBD in their products.


When shopping, do you scan the price tags to try and find the best deal? Perhaps you have certain brands you’re loyal to? Or are you the type to turn over the packaging and read the nutritional facts? Hopefully, you’re the latter, ingredients should be the first thing any consumer looks at before making a purchase. It’s vital to know exactly what’s being consumed. That almost seems common sense, right?


You’d be surprised.


Popular CBD companies have been under fire recently after their latest test reveal harmful and unnecessary additives in their oils. Luckily, Incann™ original tinctures have only two ( 2 ) ingredients. Full Spectrum CBD oil, and MCT oil. But if you’re one for a little flavor, our Vanilla tincture has a 3rd ingredient; natural vanilla!


I’ve heard of MCT oil before…but what is it again?


MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. These triglycerides are fats, mainly extracted from coconut oil. These triglycerides are chained together in…you guessed it, medium lengths. This allows the body to easily digest the oil. MCT oil is a brain booster as it has shown to be beneficial in epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and autism. It also provides a source of energy that could fight off harmful bacteria in your stomach.


If you take anything out of this article, please let it be to always check the ingredients! Consult with your doctor for any medical related questions and to see if they believe CBD is a right fit. To learn more about CBD and how we here at Incann consume our products, shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you! At Incann we are extremely transparent about what’s in our products. For more details click on “ingredients” under each item to get a breakdown of all the wonderful, all-natural herbs & roots that go into our products!







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