What to Eat After a Run

What to Eat After a Run

I was reading Allison Felsenthal's article on what to eat after a run the other day and found it to be extremely helpful. She goes through the body's recovery process and explains the importance of refueling your self. Check out her full blog post here.

Allison shares her struggle and how she overcame it. In her article, she says 

" I used to struggle with eating the proper foods that allowed my body to fully recover after my races. That led to injuries and I learned the hard way. Good thing I did because I now I know to never make those same mistakes again having lived becoming injured as a result of poor nutrition first hand! "  

Now she coaches others in running and helps them reach their goals. 

As a runner, I always knew that food is fuel and to regain my energy, I need to carb up. Carbs and protein both help the body to heal and Allison points out some specific post-run food ideas on her blog which you can access here.

Thank you Allison for the great tips and for allowing us to share them with our readers.


All the best 


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