Incann is on a mission to help people feel better with cannabinoid wellness essentials derived from hemp that are safe to consume and easy to adapt to a daily wellness routine.

Sourcing natural and ethical ingredients are at the core of everything we create.  

Incann is changing the way people consider cannabis and the future of wellness. By exploring one of the world's most ancient plants and encouraging others to live more mindfully.

Made with integrity - Safe to consume - Easy to use


We believe that the way you lead your life is just as important as the supplements you take to enhance your wellness. To live intentionally is to empower yourself with the freedom to develop your reality.

Mindfully, consciously, and through self-discovery, Incann is dedicated to helping others take ownership of their lives by encouraging choices that will positively impact their future.

QUALITY: We take every step to ensure our products are all-natural, utilizing clean ingredients, free of pesticides, herbicides.

We will never use parabens, cheap fillers, or additives.

We source our hemp from generational farms that adhere to strict organic farming practices. Each product is batch tested by a third party, iso accredited labs for safety and consistency.

SIMPLICITY: In the wave of overpopulated products, gimmicks, and confusion, we stay true to the purpose of the plant and keep it as simple as possible.

We create plant-based solutions that are essential to wellness true to nature's form.

With intention, we packaged our products with ease of use in mind, so it is easily adaptable to a daily wellness routine.

GIVING BACK: We teamed up with Shopping Gives to donate a percentage of each retail sale to charities that support environmental sustainability, breast cancer awareness, equality, and fighting hunger.

We initiated a care program for veterans, active military, and the disabled. View details here

YOU MATTER: There is a reason why Incann is fast growing in this industry. It's 'because YOU matter to us. We want to help YOU live a more fulfilling, balanced life. We Care.

We formed our product line with you in mind, and we are transparent at the fact that we are in a learning industry. We take all feedback seriously as we consider new product launches, packaging, sustainability, and sourcing.

Sarah Paris

A note from our founder

Hi, I'm Sarah Paris, the founder of Incann.

In 2017, I was struggling with balancing the many aspects of my life. As a full time working mom, I was completely stressed out and happened upon a wellness journey and discovered CBD along the way.

I got involved in cannabis as a business because of the way it helped transform my life. However, I realized very quickly that it was not CBD alone. I had to work hard to change my habits, my lifestyle, and remember to be proactive about my health and wellness.

Therefore the foundation of Incann stands on the core principle of "living with intention." For me, living with intention is forming the life I want for myself by creating habits, not becoming them, choosing who I surround myself with, staying positive, and making healthy choices.

While balancing life will always remain a struggle, the benefits of living with intention (+ CBD) are real. I included "Live With Intention" on all Incann packaging, as a reminder that CBD is a tool to enhance an existing wellness routine or to inspire our consumers to create one.

Incann founder, Sarah Paris