About Incann

Incann curated a line of CBD essentials that is derived from hemp grown organically in the U.S.A by dedicated farmers who uphold the highest standards in the cultivation process.

Made with integrity from the nature that sustains us, Incann is on a mission to produce high-quality cannabinoid essentials that are safe to consume and easy to use. Sourcing natural and ethical ingredients are at the core of everything we create. Each batch is third-party lab tested, to ensure quality, consistency, potency, and purity.

Incann is changing the way people consider cannabis and the future of wellness. By exploring one of the world’s most ancient plants and encouraging others to live more mindfully. 


The way you lead your life is just as important as the supplements you take to enhance your wellness. We believe in living with intention, creating the life you want for yourself by being proactive about your health, surrounding yourself with positivity, and waking up each day and giving life your best shot.

To live intentionally is to discover the freedom to develop your own reality. Mindfully, consciously, and through self-discovery, Incann is dedicated to helping others take ownership of their lives, by encouraging choices that will positively impact their future.

A note from our founder