Each batch of Incann cannabinoid products is tested by third-party laboratories for potency and purity. We manufacture our products according to the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) which means we strictly ensure that every product has what the label says and nothing else.

To view the corresponding lab results for the product you already own, look at the bottom of your product for the batch code. Find the corresponding COA below.


25mg Capsule.     Batch # 080218
Salve. Batch # 032919
25mg Capsule.     Batch # 040219
Salve. Batch # 030719
50mg Capsule.     Batch # 092118
Salve. Batch # 092418
300mg Tincture    Batch # 102418
Salve. Batch # 091718
300mg Tincture    Batch # 012219
Lotion. Batch # 091818
500mg Tincture.   Batch # 020619

500mg Tincture.   Batch # 102518
500mg Tincture.    Batch # 083118
1000mg Tincture.  Batch # 090618
2000mg Tincture.  Batch # 091918


If you need assistance understanding the lab results, please email us at help@incann.com